The whole collection of the letter families in one bundle:

Straight Letters, Tunnel Letters, Top Joiners, 2 o' Clock Letters, Odd and Square Letters all with consolodation sheets.


Children should keep the main body of the letter in the red 'train'tracks' and any ascenders and descenders meet the grey dotted lines.  Make sure your child starts each letter with a joining line so that when the come to write using cursive the motion will be automatic.


Order of letters should be:

Straight letters, tunnel letters,  2 o'clock letters, top joiners, odd and square.


Appropriate time to start these - From Year 1


Please be aware that there may be slight variations in letter formations depending on your child's school's handwriting policy.  Please check in case you need to make any amendments on the sheet.

Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheets - THE WHOLE COLLECTION


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